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Bangladesh is well-known for natural disasters and is regularly experiencing floods, and storms which create havoc and destruction ruining many people’s livelihood, homes, and businesses. Furthermore, it also injures many at the same time. For the already poor and needy it becomes unbearable and they do not know where to turn. It is at these times that the generous donors come to their aid, and G&Y respond to these disasters and emergencies through your kind donations and distribute support for the most affected with food, non-food items, repair houses and also provide temporary shelter.
Emergency project responds to natural disasters and the aftermath of the disaster to those who are severely affected. G&Y provide emergency support such as food, non-food items, repair houses and also provide temporary shelter.

“Whoever brought his (Muslim) brother out of discomfort, Allah will bring him out of the discomforts of the day of the resurrection!”- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

water waves

Key Figures

To-date spent over £150k

Spent £70k on the Rohingya project & Built over 200 tent

Distributed Food, Medicine, Shelter, Clothes and Winter Blanket

water waves

Emergency Project In Bangladesh

As Bangladesh experiences sub-tropical monsoon season which brings many storms with it, thus causing numerous fatal incidents including severe physical injury, death, heavy damage or destruction of property. Most of the storms leave behind devastating damage to properties and fatalities are in hundreds. Accesses to affected areas are difficult due to dirt roads and loss of power supplies. Future storms are always at the back of one’s mind. Our team is always on the ground to respond to emergency situations providing essential food supplies, non-food items, repair housing and also provide temporary shelter.

G&Y has responded to disasters such as Cyclone Sidr and Savar which caused immense damage and destruction. We responded with emergency supplies to support the affected. We have a team ready to respond in an emergency and that is to be able to travel to any affected area in Bangladesh. G&Y have also been at the forefront in supporting the Rohingya refugees in Ukhia and Teknaf in Cox Bazaar. We have spent over 70k on the Rohingya project and have distributed emergency Family food packs in the Rohingya camps in Teknaf. We have also organised medical care by bringing nurses to aid children and the elderly with medications. Over 200 tents were erected for families who otherwise didn’t have any shelter. We will continue to help and support the vulnerable that have lost everything that they had such as the Rohingya refugees and will continue to aid them until this oppression and calamity ends with the Rohingya community. We also aim to continue our emergency response for those affected by deadly storms.

Emergency Project Moulvibazar

The storm had destroyed everything, and we had nothing. We were worried if anyone would help us, thankfully, they came and helped us. We pray for them and their help. May Allah reward them for coming to us at a time of need.

Emergency Project Moulvibazar

We had no food or shelter, GYTF came and helped us as the floods had ruined everything we had. We didn’t know where to go or get help from. But they came to us, and we are so very grateful for that. We also thank the donors who have helped us. We ask Allah to reward them and to allow them to help others.


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