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Our housing project helps provide shelter to those who are living in desperate conditions. We endeavour to build houses which will accommodate a small family and it consists of 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, toilet and a front porch. Enabling the family to have privacy and not having to experience harsh weather. The houses are built using bricks, mortar and tin for the exterior. The cost of house is £1800 to £2000 and takes approximately 8-10 months to complete. These are life saving houses for families which provides them with the dignity that human beings deserve.
G&Y provide vulnerable families with safe housing which will save them from extreme weather and provide them with privacy. Each house is built to last and provide the family a comfortable place to live in. They are given to these families who would otherwise be living in very poor houses with broken walls and cracked ceilings, allowing wind and rain water to seep through and constantly giving them discomfort.

“He who sleeps on a full stomach whilst his neighbor goes hungry is not one of us.”
(Prophet Muhammad)

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water waves

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Built over 720 houses

In 2023, 72 Houses built

In 2024 our aim to build 200 houses

water waves

housing Project in Bangladesh

It is common knowledge that Bangladesh being a developing country that many thousands do not have adequate shelter and as a result they lose their lives due to very extreme weather such as heavy storms and flooding which is persistent. The houses that are made from clay cannot withstand heavy weather and are unable to keep rain water and cold out. Extreme weather can only be kept out with a solid house whereby a family can peacefully lay their heads in peace and not thinking the worse every night.

One permanent house contains two bedrooms, a front veranda, kitchen and a toilet. We use bricks for the 4 sided wall and tin roof. We have two different types of houses one which cost £1800 for full house (two beds, kitchen & front porch) and £2000 will include two beds, kitchen, toilet & front porch). We are working toward a better future for Bangladesh. We understand the importance of having a roof over peoples head in the harsh environment.We are striving to built and accommodate more than 1000 families by 2030. We are planning to reach vulnerable people in another district around Bangladesh.

Abdul Wadud Sreemangal, Moulvibazar

Due to a faulty electric cable our house caught fire and was completely destroyed. We became homeless for more than a year, living in different places. Alhamdulillah, at the end of 2020, G&Y built a house with a kitchen and toilet facilities. It is so beautiful that we are now living in safe accommodation.

Mushahid Ali Allwa, Moulvibazar

We couldn’t even dream of having a house of this kind, we couldn’t feed our family 3 meals per day, never mind build a house.

Please Note: The construction project can take up to 9-10 months to complete once the donation has been made. This is due to restrictions of some locations and also taking into account the weather and suitability of building in certain period of the year. Additionally, a due diligence check must also be carried out.


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